The GYROTONIC® method
Your body hears everything your mind says

Transform your mind and body

My goal is to enable my clients to transform their bodies from the inside out

I am Ingrida, a passionate wellness practitioner dedicated to helping my clients transform their lives from the inside out. With over 30 years of experience, I have successfully helped individuals transform their bodies, overcome chronic illnesses, allergies, addictions, and insomnia, guiding them towards optimal health and their full potential in life.

Throughout my journey, I have witnessed the power of natural healing and proper nutrition.

I strongly believe that our bodies possess the capacity to heal when provided with the right resources. By combining my expertise with your input, we can create a customized program tailored to fit into your lifestyle while nurturing your body and mind.

I am thrilled to serve as your guide on this voyage of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, we will unlock your true potential and cultivate a life filled with wellbeing, vibrancy, and equilibrium.

My aspiration is to empower individuals to embrace wellness. I collaborate with clients to develop a plan that encourages their body to heal itself and stay in good health, free from pain. By combining my expertise with your input, I create a tailored wellness program that emphasises care for both the physical and emotional aspects of health. This includes practices such as nutrition, transformational bodywork, and vibrational harmonisation, all seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

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I went to Ingrida for Bio-resonance treatment. The improvement I experienced is amazing, and I got so much more than just a treatment. I had hay fever which affected my sleep as I kept blowing my nose throughout the night. My joint inflammation mainly my right knee and stiffness was getting worse, at times it would flare up, making walking painful. My eye sight, I presume from age, was getting worse. The first treatment, I was not expecting anything as I had similar treatment before in another clinic. Ingrida is so hospitable and made the whole experience comfortable and educational in an interesting way. I've learnt so much about my allergies, diet and overall wellness. I have already started on 80% of my diet, as I am waiting for my supplements to arrive. Since the second treatment I've been having good sleep as I no longer have serious sinus issues. The white of my eyes looks a lot whiter, and I can see clearer as well. I am able to enjoy my sports as my joint inflammation has completely gone. I will continue with what I learnt from Ingrida.

Martin Lai

Ingrida instantly made me feel at ease and listened to my needs - going above and beyond. Her expertise in holistic care combined with Bioresonance therapy healed my digestive issues, all whilst continuing to consume delicious food! Highly recommend Ingrida for a holistic approach to care

Zoe Bell

In one weekend, I’ve fainted twice, and after waking up I had burning sensations in my limbs and could barely walk. I went to hospital to get it checked out but with no success or explanation as to why I had these symptoms. I decided to look for an alternative approach so I found tailored wellness and did the bioresonance assessment package. After the first harmonsation with the bioresonance machine I felt some relief in my legs. From the second session I incorporated the nutritional protocol programme suggested by tailored wellness, alongside these harmonisations. After the third week from when I first did the scan and Incorporated my new diet, all my symptoms improved including the ones not mentioned to the bioresonance practitioner, and, I could finally run again, I was very happy. Overall my healing processes was quick and I look towards improving my health even further.

Paulius Motiejaitis

I’ve been coming to Ingrida for just over a year as I had recurring cystitis & became dependant on antibiotics. Within weeks of treatment on her bio-resonance therapy, & carefully following her suggested diet & supplements, my condition was cured. The relief is enormous. Added to that, the recurring pain in my right shoulder has vanished, & on this new healthy diet I was able to give up my caffeine addiction. My skin has improved, I feel alert, focussed & happier, & cannot thank her enough for her encouragement & generosity.

Josephine Sheridan
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For so many years now, Ingrida has been my "go to" Pilates professional. This time, putting back the pieces after lockdown, the Ingrida tailored wellness solution was a gyrotonic programme. Three sessions & I could move again. She is amazing!!

Maju Harris


Bioresonance - Nutrition - Bodywork

The BNB™ method assists individuals to take control of their wellness and live well. The BNB™ method has three key components: Transformational Bodywork, Nutritional Therapy and Bioresonance.

The BNB™ method works through moving the body physically while you nourish it from within. Bioresonance Is derived from quantum physics and it uses vibrational energy to help the body self-regulate and ultimately heal. BNB™ reinvigorates the body’s natural intelligence to overcome health issues to bring it to a place of healing, which allows you to re-discover the joy of movement and reconnect with your body and achieve your optimum health.

My exploration over 40 years of sports science and well-being, and health and fitness achievements, enables me to select specific techniques from an extensive array of healing modalities that best suit an individual client’s needs. I systematically tailor each aspect of my clients’ wellness programs through my unique BNB™ process.

Bioresonane according to Paul Schmidt
Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Therapy
Transformational Bodywork