Tailored Pilates Pure™ Classes


Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany almost 100 years ago. Joseph Pilates was a gymnast, and invented Pilates as a program to help injured dancers and soldiers. Pilates focuses on strengthening the body with an emphasis on the core. It concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility and incorporates a mind-body connection with attention to breathing and body awareness.

Assessment - £150 - 90 minutes

Total body consultation including posture alignment analysis to create an individual, tailor-made therapeutic exercise program using Pilates.

  • A 15-minute telecon consultation will take place prior to your private body session to discuss your goals, lifestyle, current activity, exercise and medical history.

  • In studio, an analysis of postural alignment will provide insight into causes of issues including restricted movement, muscle pain and stiffness.

  • In cases where there is a loss of flexibility or function following an injury or where there is a history of chronic pain or ongoing back, shoulder, hip, or pain in any area containing soft tissue, myofascial analysis can reveal particular patterns which affect the musculoskeletal system and cause postural imbalances.

  • Once these patterns have been identified from the assessment, an individual tailor- made exercise program will be implemented to help correct alignment and postural issues, allowing for facilitated movement and improved physical performance.

Single session - £120 - 60 minutes 

After assessement you will move onto single sessions or package of 6 sessions.

Package of 6-sessions - £540 - 60 minutes x 6

Book your first 6-session class and we will manually book you in for future dates when we discuss in person. 

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