Yamuna® Body Rolling Classes


Yamuna® Body Rolling

The practice of Yamuna focuses on body sustainability, with the rolling element enabling deep muscle penetration, fascia opening and healing. A series of routines are undertaken with an inflatable ball to release constriction and compression throughout the body and help tone, strengthen and realign posture. On a holistic level, Yamuna works to re-lease toxicity and emotional build up allowing healing of both the mind and body in one practice.

Yamuna® Face Saver

Yamuna Face Saver works to activate facial and neck muscles, increasing circulation and tone and reversing the effects of gravity. A small face ball and a larger neck ball are used gently on your skin working against gravity to awaken and lift your muscles. You should notice brighter and plumper skin after your first session.

Yamuna® Foot Fitness

The foot is the base of our being and often overlooked. Yamuna Foot Fitness focuses on the feet, resulting in improvement in legs, hips and back also. Once you have been taught the basic technique you can use it for as little as five minutes a day and achieve a real spring in your step.

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