Naturopathic Nutritional CHC™ Assessment Package ZOOM (2 Sessions)


The initial session includes a full consultation based the health questionnaire you will complete and return to me in advance of your session. This will take about an hour to complete. Your answers will enable me to tailor your session specifically for you. During a typical initial consultation we explore current health concerns, symptoms, any diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, medical history, family history, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medication and supplements and diet. This builds a picture of your current state of health from which to evaluate your needs using current evidence-based nutritional science. Supplement-support and in-clinic GP and laboratory testing may be recommended if appropriate.

Based on the advanced information you provide, I prepare a relevant outline to ensure our discussion is focused on areas specific to your present needs. I gain a detailed picture of your life-style to create an appropriate 6-week plan for you to follow that you can commit to and manage comfortably. To keep my attention focused on you, I do not take detailed notes during our video call, but instead, I record the session on audio file. This allows me to re-listen to everything again later, to ensure I create a suitable personal plan that will take account of all the things we discuss, including:

  1. Current diet profile
  2. Family meals and eating routines and habits
  3. Food allergies / restrictions / sensitivities
  4. Sensitivities beyond food:
    • Perfumes
    • Cleaning products
    • Noise
    • Light
    • Touch
    • Crowds
  5. Sleep
  6. Exercise
  7. Relaxation
  8. Creativity
  9. Personal Stress levels
  10. Family Stress levels
  11. Emotional Well-being or distress
  12. Behavioural Issues
  13. Compulsive Behaviours
  14. Hyperactivity
  15. Energy Levels

Through our discussion, areas of focus encompassing health, allergy and emotional issues that you wish to heal are identified. We chat about your present diet, habits and lifestyle. We examine changes you would be able and ready to begin to bring into your present life situation. Our bodies heal themselves and food is what our bodies naturally use to do this. All food is medicine to our bodies and how well and quickly we heal can be boosted by providing our bodies with the correct food to best assist this natural process.

I also ensure you like your protocol for this will enable you to sustain it long enough to generate new neural pathways to create new good eating and self care habits. This is why it is so important that we discuss all these topics before I create your personal healing diet plan.


Following our initial session, I create your personal plan in response to all the information we discussed. I choose appropriate foods that will assist your body to heal itself. I set out a list of items for you to avoid and a list of items for you to add to your diet.

I create your personal Tailored Wellness six-week CHC™ :

Your Tailored Wellness Cleanse Heal Create™ schedule which will involve: 



Creation of Healthy Habits

Avoidance of irritating foods and toxins

Healing begins immediately. During the healing process you will notice changes. You will need rest to assist your body as it cleanses and heals.

After 4 weeks, you will find it easier to avoid certain foods and irritants

Nourishment for your personal goal attainment

You will notice your body changing within the first week of feeding it optimally for healing.

4 weeks in, your routine for healthier eating should be well-established. After 6, your success rate for long-term change increases.

Supplements to boost your healing (if you would like these to be added to your diet)

Supplements will be monitored and assessed as you proceed.

After 6 weeks, the supplement support can be reassessed.

Reset your system with rest, relaxation, stretching, creativity, sleep

Sleep should improve as you progress with the programme. You will feel yourself feeling better after week 4.

By week 4 if you follow the suggested protocol, you will rest better and start to have more energy. This will continue through to week 6.


Your Tailored Wellness Cleanse Heal Create™ plan

In session two, I share with you a 6-week Cleanse Heal Create™ plan. I explain in detail how the specific foods and supplements on your plan will work for your identified issues to support your body to heal. We will discuss food choices to ensure your eating plan is attractive and supports your healing and with foods you will like! It is important to enjoy the food you eat to guarantee you can sustain your healthy eating program beyond the six weeks. We plan in detail the implementation of your plan at a pace that you feel comfortable to manage in your present lifestyle. We exchange ideas and tips for making this work.

We then agree together, what speed of change will work for you, what food choices you like, and what new habits you are able to begin to bring into your life. It is an exciting journey and we will manage it together.

During our consultation, I provide you with a working outline so you can get started right away.

We also prepare your short and long-term goals to set you up for success over the weeks ahead and beyond. This helps you to be accountable, but more importantly, it will allow you to recognise your success at is arrives. You will consider how you will celebrate each success.

Following Session Two, I prepare your final outline for your 6-week Cleanse Heal Create™ protocol, including all the points we agreed in our discussion. I send this to you by email, and your six week CHC™ transformation begins!

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