Bioresonance Analysis Scan (Single Session)

The Rayoscan feature is an ECG HRV (heart rate variability) test which translates heartbeats into frequencies. It scans the entire body to detect up to 68 issues that may be present within the body. This enables practitioners to create an effective health map of each client.

During the analysis scan, you simply sit back and relax while the Rayoscan assesses your body. In the 2-hours, the Rayoscan checks for energetic imbalances in the body such as:

  • Checking for the presence of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.
  • Disturbances caused by electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.
  • Checking of acupuncture meridians.
  • Analysis of the body’s pH balance.
  • Testing of vital substances like vitamins, minerals, trace elements and gut flora, and identification of your exact supplement requirements.
  • Checking and balancing of the body’s detox pathways.
  • Checking the body’s energy production.
  • Harmful substances such as heavy metals (Aluminium, Mercury, Lead etc.) and fungi.

After the scan, your practitioner interprets the results of your Rayoscan bioresonance report and together, you discuss this and your personal protocol is fine-tuned with respect to specific areas you chose to prioritise for wellness.

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