Bioresonance & Nutritional Protocol Programmes



  • *Advanced completion of questionnaires is required to create your – Cleanse Heal Create™ nutritional protocol
  • Allocate 60-90 minutes for this.
  • 15-minute telephone call to discuss aspects of the questionnaire in further detail to enable the therapist to tailor your sessions and plan a program outline for you.


Bioresonance assessment 90 minutes

  • Including Rayocomp Bioresonance machine assessment
  • One harmonising protocol
  • Report preparation by therapist, post session

Nutritional Consultation 30 minutes

  • Presentation of your Cleanse Heal Create™ nutritional protocol outline created from your questionnaires, telecon, and bioresonance report.
  • You agree together with your nutritionist, how you can best implement your Cleanse Heal Create™ nutritional protocol into your present life.
  • You agree on food choices and speed of adoption of dietary changes and identify which habits you will acquire over the six-week course.


Pre-session input:

  • Advanced completion of further in-depth questionnaires required for specific issues to target*
  • Advanced completion of goal setting assessment*
    • allocate 30-60 minutes for these
  • 15-minute telephone call to enable your therapist to hone your – Heal for Good 6-week personal healing protocol™.


  • 1 hour of harmonising with your Heal for Good 6-week personal healing protocol™
  • 15-minute discussion with the therapist regarding aspects in the machine assessment corresponding to your questionnaire answers, to identify issues to target for healing first. The therapist will order your Heal for Good 6-week personal healing protocol™ to help you achieve your healing objectives most effectively.
  • Cleansing drink offered

Nutritional Consultation 40 minutes: Detailing of your Cleanse Heal Create™ nutritional protocol full personal plan

  • Your 6-week plan is finalised and the detailed implementation of your Cleanse Heal Create™ nutritional protocol is mapped into your present life.
  • You look over the plan and agree on food choices, speed of adoption of dietary changes as shown in the plan, and agree which specific listed habits you will acquire over the six-week course. You set your weekly and longer-term goals.
  • Nutritional advice for diet, including our cleanse, heal, create™ success formula are explained in support of your personal goals.
  • Recipes are suggested for meals and drinks for cleansing and healing.
  • Lifestyle habits are discussed and you agree how and when you will implement healthy habits into your life to Heal for Good.

Post-session homework:

  • Complete your long-term goal assessment.
  • Complete the healthy habits evaluation assessment.
  • Complete your personal evaluation of noticeable changes – this is important for continuing to understand how foods help your body specifically and what issues are brought to your attention for you to address through your healing process. This will provide you with in-depth knowledge about your body and how it responds to food as medicine. Once you learn how to tune your body, you will Heal for Good and be set for life.

Choose which BIORESONANCE & NUTRITIONAL COMBINED PROTOCOL package you will continue with:

Combined Course of 6, Bioresonance & Naturopathic Nutritional follow-on 6 weeks support.

Six Weeks support includes:

  • 6 x 75 minutes Bioresonance
    • 60 minutes of harmonising time
    • Testing time to keep your programme evaluation up to date on a weekly basis
  • 6 X 20 minutes nutritional consultation
  • Weekly recipes to aide your healing
  • One refreshment drink following your Bioresonance treatment to aid cleansing

With a course of 12 Bioresonance sessions following on from the initial 6 weekly sessions, some clients find it helpful to continue with the weekly sessions for two further weeks and then to switch to bimonthly treatments, moving gradually towards a healthy and self-sustainable life for good!

Further six sessions include:

All of the initial 6 session benefits plus:

Extra bonus: you can schedule these further 6 sessions over the course of 24 weeks.

Enjoy the flexibility of being able to spread the sessions out to support your ongoing healing process and give it a boost as you go on with your life. Or, perhaps schedule several sessions around a targeted detox cleanse. Use them weekly as a follow-on from the initial 6 sessions and continue to benefit from expert guidance and support to a healthy and sustainable life.

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